Thursday, August 25, 2011

Help me Organize!!!

Still getting organized, but not only around the house.

I've started to block out writing time, getting around to my bloggy friends blogs, getting kids homework help, and even sneaking veggies into the kids diets. (I have one son who won't eat anything but cereal. Not many veggies in there.)

So here are some tools I've found to help me with the organization:

The Fly Lady -   I've fallen off the organization wagon a few times, but her house cleaning plans are the best I've found, especially when you have teenage boys. *cringing at dirt*

The Sneaky Chef   -  I just started the Sneaky Chef's ways of getting more veggies into my kids meals. They love the brownies ...okay so do I...and I don't even feel too guilty eating them...unless I eat the whole pan.

Google Reader - (if you have gmail and blog, this is a life saver! I can organize all my blogs into categories and see which posts I've missed! Love it!)

Tweet Deck- Those of you who know me, know that I don't tweet well, but I do follow what other writers/agents/publishers/and yes...even family members are up to. Tweet Deck lets you organize everyone into their own group and keeps you informed of everything going on not only on Twitter, but also on Facebook.

Netflex Workouts - I never thought I'd try to exercise with online vid streaming, but working out at home has not only saved me gym costs, (which yes, I have paid for before...can I say ouch!) but also time.Who knew online bootcamp would kick my butt?

As a writer, we borrow and beg for more time to create. These ingenious people and tools are invaluable to me as a writer.

Have I missed anything? What do you use to save time, make life less chaotic?


Jolene Perry said...

Okay - Carolyn - I'm ALMOST caught up to you. LOVE Tweetdeck, made twitter SO much easier, especially while I got acquainted.

I'm slow on google reader, I've never taken the time to really USE it, which is a bummer!

Also, I love netflix, but there's no such thing as unlimited internet, so . . . sadly doesn't work :(

Elliot Grace said...

...great tips, Carolyn! Also a fan of Netflix...can they possibly make it any easier ;)