Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why Didn't They Tell Me Before?

When I first started writing, I thought all you had to do was write something and get it published. HA! There is so much more to having a book get published!

Have a great critique group. If you don't have one in your area, there are some online (because sometimes you will think it sounds perfect, when it just sounds like pretty gibberish).

Go to writing conferences. Not only will you meet awesomely-cool people, you learn the tools to have a great book! (Plus you can go to pitch sessions and meet uber-ific agents and stuff.)

Remember you will have to write, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite......(why didn't anybody tell me this when I started?)

Get a good writing snack. Why? Because most writers will start eating when they are thinking. I snacked on chocolate chips for years. Bad idea! I'm still working at getting off those last ten pounds (I hate you skinny Pilates instructor.  hee hee...Just kidding...please don't kick me off the stretchy team.)

It takes time. This is the biggest newsflash I can give you. It takes time to write, time to revise, time to edit, time to query, time to .... Oh the list goes on and on. So keep yourself busy with new projects and stay excited for those stories.  

Wish I had known all these things before. Now I know.

So my writing friends, anything I forgot? Anything you wish you would have known about before picking up that creative bug?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more about the writing groups! I have a fe Yahoo Writers Groups I belong too. I would not be where I am today without them.

Linda Garner said...

Don't forget marketing. When your baby is finally published then you have to go to work to get it noticed. Keep your track shoes handy. Love, LG

Karen Walker said...

Just wandered over from KarenG's BBQ - so nice to meet you.

MaDonna Maurer said...

Just stopping by from Karen's BBQ, too!. Liked this post..."it takes time", yeah, that one would have been nice to have known. =) Online critique groups...I'm scared to join, but think that should be my goal: to join one by the end of September.

Jeremy Bates said...

great tips! totally agree
followed u over from karen's bbq... brought whiskey and steak! enjoy! and great blog--following!

Lynda R Young said...

You missed writing requires a huge amount of insanity ;)

Ella said...

I agree great tips! I started a blog and didn't know what I was in for. What a ride ;D I now need a few things on your list!!! Nice to meet you~