Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Think we have a Communication Issue Here.

This week I am going over my Beta reads and fixing...well...words.

I had no idea words could cause so much havoc! I had some words added where they shouldn't be and a few sentences that weren't finished. (I have a really funny one that was pointed out to me, but I can't mention it on the blog. Let's just say it had something to do with big ones. Opps, I said too much. It's not what you think Mom...I promise).

Words can really mess up your story. For example...check this out:

So funny. Thanks Rhett and Link. 

So next time you are writing a novel, short story, essay, etc..., make sure all those words make sense, or else you'll have a story that is just all over the place.

Have you ever had issues with your words in your ms? Has anyone ever found a sentence that didn't read right (hello, big ones).  What was the funniest or scariest one you've found?

I'm off to my edits. Have a great week everyone!

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