Monday, October 17, 2011


Right now I’m steeped in the middle of the marketing business. Since my book will be out the first of November, I’m setting up a book launch, writing a press release, and organizing book signings.
Marketing is kind of a fun thing to do. These are all new skills for me. And after I get over being scared, I know I’ll have a good time. People are so kind and helpful. Book stores love to have you come in. All the ones I’ve been to are anxious to put up a poster, let me bring in refreshments and willing to accommodate me in any way. After all, it will bring business into their store.
I’ve come up with a fun idea. Since my book is about Brigham Young, I got a top hat, coat, cane and black bow tie for kids to try on when they are in the store. I think it will be great for kids to have their mother’s take a picture of them in the outfit. They can really try on the persona of Brigham Young and see how it feels. (I’ll let you know when the signings are, and if you’re in the area, bring your kids in :})
Brigham was just an ordinary young boy growing up in the backwoods of New York. He was lonely at times and hungry, just like all of us are. I think kids will identify with him.
I have two weeks to get myself ready. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. I’m sure there will be times when I’m having fun and times when I wish I were home alone at my computer writing a new scene.
Keep me in your best positive thoughts!  And I’ll do the same for you.
Christy Monson’s book will be in book stores and on Amazon after the first of November, 2011. Title: Texting Through Time, a Trek with Brigham Young.


Linda Garner said...

So excited for you. Have a great time. Keep me posted on your signings. I need to pick up a copy for my grandkids. Love, LG

N. R. Williams said...

All the best.
N. R. Williams, Fantasy Author