Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Nominations Are Open

The Nominations for the Whitney awards are now open.

The Whitney awards were created to recognize quality work and to help readers become more aware of the fine literature being published by LDS authors. They were named after Orson Whitney.

There are seven different categories: general fiction, historical fiction, romance, mystery/suspense, speculative (sci-fi/fantasy), young adult general and young adult speculative fiction. A book must get five nominations to be considered.

Last year, was my first introduction to the Whitneys. I read all five nominees in two different categories. It was delightful. I enjoyed branching out to new authors and new genres. This year, I hope to start earlier and read more categories.

If you’re looking for something to read that is clean and well-written, take a look at some of last year’s finalists, or previous years. I’ll bet you’ll like them. Last year's winners are listed here.

Anyone can nominate a book for the Whitneys. All books nominated go through a complex screening process to select the five finalists in each category. Members of LDS storymakers are eligible to vote along with a panel of experts who are invited to participate. We can only vote in categories where we have read all five finalists.

If you have read a book you’d like to nominate, it must have been published in 2011 and must have been written by an LDS author. Only full length fiction is eligible. To find out more click here. To nominate a book, click here.

Happy reading!

Linda Garner

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