Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Call for Submissions

Did you ever experience a moment with your mother or father that changed your life--a lesson that influenced all other decisions and helped you become who you are today?

That’s the question that Familius is asking?  Familus is a new family oriented pubisher.  They produce e-books primarily and are passionate about strengthening families.

Familus is inviting content for a new book called  Lessons from my Parents: Silent and Spoken.  That's right.  They want your experiences. You can submit them here.   This book will be released in both e-book and print form.

I applaud Familius for standing up in support of families.  I can’t think of a nobler cause.  I hope for their success. I encourage you to submit, and while you're there check out Familius.  There's a lot going on.

Have a great lesson to share?  Want to pass on the legacy your parents left you.  Share that story at Familius today.  Maybe the lesson your parents taught you is just what I need to hear. Maybe that lesson will part of a new book.
I wonder what experience I should share. My parents taught me a lot. Thinking.

Linda Garner

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