Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Except for the Shower Curtain

Friend-husband likes the shower curtain closed when no one is using it, because he doesn’t think the bathtub is the loveliest part of the bathroom.  I like it open because it makes the bathroom seem bigger and I love the extra light from the window.  Besides. there is nothing lovely about our plain-jane dollar store shower curtains.

Friend-husband likes things perfectly symmetrical.  I prefer things a little a-symmetrical.  We had a hanging plant on one side of our doorstep.  It looked just right to me.  Friend-husband bought another plant so that we could hang one on each side.  He likes balance.

I am addicted to clutter.  Friend Husband likes things tidy.  I admire tidiness, but I can’t seem to manage it.  Friend-husband over-prepares.  I sometimes throw things together.  He fusses over details.  I embrace simplicity.  I am casual.  Friend –husband leans toward the formal side. 

Differences are fascinating.  I’m glad we’re not the same. I adore Friend-husband and I celebrate our differences.  

Except for the shower curtain. 

Linda Garner


Bethany Elizabeth said...

Differences add to life, don't they? :) And I can never keep the shower curtain closed because I'm still occasionally freaked out that there might be someone behind it. :D (Paranoia at its finest)

Christy Monson said...

What a beautiful post. My friend-husband and I live this same life, and I have grown wise enough to love it and embrace it, finally!