Monday, August 13, 2012

I have had a crazy week. Three of our children and their families were here for a granddaughter's baptism. We have had a glorious time, and I have loved every minute. But, why is it when family comes my regular daily life goes away? I haven't even been able to get to my computer, let alone write a post.

What fun it is to watch young children become aware of their world. We took the grandkids to the Dinosaur Park just as you enter Ogden Canyon. They loved it. Abby is writing and illustrating a story about an Abbyosaurus. What a clever idea!

Another little grandson studied a picture of a wolf howling at the moon with the northern lights in the background. He is sure the wolf's cry causes the colorful brightness in the sky.

I love seeing the way children's minds work. You can almost watch the wheels turn in their brains. What a blessing their perspective is for all of us--a different way of looking at the world. I wish we could all see life with such fresh eyes. I think our quality of life would improve greatly. I know mine would.

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