Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer, I will miss you ....a little

First thing...I'm BACK! Summer was a great break, but it's time to get back to work!

Second, I always feel a little twinge of sadness when my kids have to go back to school in the fall.
I’ll miss our daily activities and spending leisurely moments by the pool with them. 

This is the last year we will all be together as a little family. My oldest is moving from high school to college. Life is changing.

But I can always feel the excitement in the air during this time. The chance for extra writing time, the renewal of adventure. Sometimes I feel like this:
(Oooo, I need to buy some school supplies)

So instead of pouting (really...sulking into pillow because my kids can't be THAT old yet), I will look at the bright side of things and my renewed spirit of writing. 

How about you? What will you miss about summer? What will you not miss?

Have a great week everyone! I've gotta get my butt in the chair for some good writing time. ;)

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Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Summer continues a while longer for me! No kids and no colder weather... Planning a short break next month so that will be good.