Tuesday, January 29, 2013

He Has to Go!

What was that I saw out of the corner of my eye?  It happened so fast.  Was it even real?  It was just a brown streak.  Could it have been…?  No.  Probably not.  I think my eyes were playing tricks on me.

We haven’t seen a mouse in our house in a long time.  We have those plug-in things. Still, it’s awfully cold outside.  A mouse could have wandered in out of the weather. Snuck in, I mean.  And who could blame him.  It’s freezing out there.
I’m not really afraid of mice.  Not really.  I think I’ll stay over here, though just in case.   I’m not really afraid.  

Oh.  There he is.  Of all the nerve.  Who does he think he is? He’s looking around.   It is a mouse.  A fat mouse.  He’s in my kitchen.   My kitchen!  He ran under the fridge.  I know it’s cold outside, but why did he have to pick my house?
I’ll just stay over here.  I’m not afraid.  I’m just a little uncomfortable.

There he is again.  He ran under the sink.  Under the sink.  Yuck.  He must be scared.  He knows he shouldn’t be in my house.  I'll bet he knows.   I'm sure he knows.
Cartoon mice are cute, in books and things.  Artists make them look cute.  Remember Cinderella?  Real mice are not cute.  This mouse in my kitchen is not cute. 

He has to go. 
What if it’s a she?  What if she’s a mother?

A mother?  

Oh, no.  She has to go.  She is not bringing her babies in here.

There she goes again.  He? She? It.   

I’m feeling very brave, actually.  I’m not afraid .  I’ll just stay over here.  I like it here, actually.  Besides, it’s not even close to dinner time. 
Do those plug-in things wear out?

That mouse is very brave too.  He’s running all over my kitchen.  Scampering, sashaying.  He’s not a bit scared. He might as well be dancing.  Any minute he’ll do the do-si-do. 

It’s so cold outside, and I'm definitely not scared.  Maybe I should let him (shudder) spend the night. 
Absolutely not.  It's my house.  I was here first.  He has to go.  He positively has to go.

I’m sending Friend-husband to the store to buy more of those plug-in things. 

Stay warm.

Linda Garner



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Elliot Grace said...

...ahh, it's winter, and they're cold...it happens, those little opportunists ;)

Good luck while on the hunt!