Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Secrets to Get the Writing Done

I know...I know...I've been gone for a while.

But I have a good reason. I've gotten back into the habit of writing. It took a while, but I've done it! I've started a new project and have reached the two-thirds mark. (YES!!! *lots of jumping for joy and eating caramels*)

How did I do it? Well, there is a little secret to get the writing done, and I'm going to share it with you.

Here it is. Are you ready?

Just do it. 


Okay, it's a little harder than that. There are a few other tricks of writing that's helped me. For instance:

1. You have to have the desire to write. Writing is a hard business (trust me...with all the time, critiquing, rejections...need I say more?)

2. If you are serious about writing, you really should treat it like a job. Have deadlines, goals, and a lunch break (you know how I like to snack).

3. This is the most important for me: SCHEDULE TIME TO WRITE! If I don't have a time blocked out on my calendar, other things will get in my way (I'm looking at you laundry). It has made all the difference.

So, that's how I tackle the writing. What about you? Any good secrets to get your writing done?


Vanessa Morgan said...

So true. If you never approach writing as a job, it will never happen in a big way.

Congratulations on your achievement ;-)

Julia Hones said...

My secret to get the writing done is to think about the story I am writing. I read a lot, I exercise... and every time I have a break in my life I try to think about my story. I take notes... it is a process that starts inside my head. Nice blog!