Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Have a Lot to Celebrate

It was my birthday yesterday.

I love birthdays.  I know people who say they don't, but I'm not one of them. 

I've been happy all week, just thinking about my birthday. 

It's not about the presents, although presents are very nice.It's not about the extra attention, though I love that too.  Friend-husband always pampers me on my birthday, and I enjoy it, but that's not it either.

I just love celebrating my life.  I am glad that I was born.  I am glad that I am still here, and I appreciate the experiences of 61 years on planet earth. 

Oh, don't get me wrong, it hasn't all been wonderful.  Some of it wasn't fun at all.  Some of it was glorious, though.  And the bad stuff made me stronger, more compassionate, and a little wiser.

I have connected with wonderful people who have enriched my life.  I have a family who I love, and who love me.  We have our ups and downs, but we are there for each other.

I am married to a wonderful man who adores me and treats me with kindness.  It doesn't get much better than that.  Neither of us is perfect, but we enjoy being together.  We tolerate each other's quirks.  We give each other permission to be ourselves.  That's a comfortable place to be.

I live a comfortable life with more stuff than I deserve, and I am grateful for all the gifts I have received from a loving Father in Heaven.

It's a good life, and I am grateful for every birthday.

I have a lot to celebrate.

Linda Garner


Stephsco said...

Happy birthday! I'm one of those who gets down on birthdays lately; probably because of moving out of my 20s and now closer to mid-30s. But age is just a number (despite what my achey knees think) and you're right, we each probably have a lot to celebrate.

Julia Hones said...

Happy belated birthday. What a beautiful post. It resonates with my own views. I am grateful. Have a wonderful week.