Monday, August 26, 2013

God Doesn't Write With a Pen

God Doesn't Write With a Pen by Christi Lynn Pauline

With his country on the brink of civil war, Blema Fangamou fears for the lives of his family. God Doesn't Write with a Pen recounts the many miracles the Fangamou family from West Africa despite war and separation from each other. The Fangamous help readers lift their faith and recognize miracles in their own lives.

This incredible true story recounts the Fangamous' amazing journey of hardships, miracles, reunions, and life-altering experiences to help us recognize the tender mercies in our own lives.

John H. Groberg, emeritus General Authority and author says, "The story of the Fangamou family is both compelling and inspiring. Christi Pauline has done a great job of capturing the turbulent emotions of this family as they pass through trial after trial with continued trust in the Lord. It is a fascinating and rewarding read."

I recommend this book as a must read for all those who have a tender spot for the suffering in Africa. This family has, by the miracles of God, come to the United States, found faith in Heavenly Father, and been reunited after war ripped their family apart.

It is well written and an easy, faith promoting read. Enjoy, Christy Monson

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