Sunday, September 22, 2013

League of Utah Writers Conference

Just got back from League of Utah Writer's Conference. Gerald Lund conducted a workshop on writing. It was fun to listen to him talk about writing. He loves this quote:
Only half of genius is intelligence. The other half is harness. Will Rogers
In other words, we need to get to work. He is a great example of productive writing. He has written lots of books! The Work and the Glory series and the Kingdom and the Crown series are both wonderful.

(I'm just going to give you my notes.) His lecture included the three E's of writing: Excellence, Edification, and Entertainment

There are two parts of ourselves that we as writers work with: The Mind and The Heart
The mind is rational, thinks in a linear fashion, looks at things sequentially, can discipline us to get our work done, is good at analyzing things, and can be filled with understanding.
In contrast, the heart is intuitive, finds the universal truths of life, understands the simultaneous process of things, can be very spontaneous, is able to synthesize, and find meaning of life.
What wonderful gifts we have because of our minds and our hearts.

As I write from now on, I will think of the qualities that my mind brings to my writing and the traits my heart brings also. When we use both, we have a balanced equation. 

Go to your local writing conferences. They are wonderful!

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