Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One in a Million

It started as a birthday gift for my daughter.  I wrote the story and then gathered pictures of her at different ages to illustrate the story.  I loved doing it.  I wanted her to feel my love and to know that she was special.  I hoped it would build her self-esteem.

Later I decided that I wanted to submit it for publishing.  I imagined it illustrated with photos of many girls of different ages and nationalities.  I wanted girls everywhere to know how special they are.  I wanted them to understand their worth. 

I tweaked the story and submitted it to a local publisher.  They loved it.  They asked for more changes.  They wanted me to cut 200 words and to make it very age specific.  They wanted me to aim it at 10-12 year old girls. 

Cutting 200 words was a challenge.  I wondered if it would have the same flavor.  I wondered if there would be a story left when I was through trimming.

It was amazing.  The story emerged stronger, cleaner, and clearer.  I didn't miss the pieces which fell away.  I knew I had a winner.

My publisher was happy with the work, but a year went by with no offer.  Finally she told me that as they had shopped the idea with book buyers they couldn't find any interest.  Apparently book buyers don't see the market for books which teach self esteem to girls.

Sad, isn't it.  Around me I see evidence that many girls and women are lacking self-worth.  They sell themselves short and put themselves down.  They make poor decisions based on their lack of understanding.  How I would love to see this book in their hands.

I decided to make the book available to my granddaughters.  I will put the book in their hands at the appropriate time.  I can publish it as an E-book, and they can have it on their devices.

I just finished the first one.  It is called One in a Million: Starring Reagan.  Reagan's birthday is on Friday.  I will send it to her as a PDF sized for an I-Pad.    It turned out great.  Later, I may publish it for Kindle, and she can have it in that format.

Wouldn't it be fun if I could do this for all the girls in the world?

After all, each is One in a Million.

Linda Garner


Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Yes, it would be wonderful! I would love to pass such inspiration and self-esteem building on to my own daughters as well. I would buy this an e-book for use on their electronic devices. Sounds like a winner to me!

Christy Monson said...

I love this book also, in either form. I think you should self publish. I'm sure it would sell.