Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weight a Minute

I was a regular exerciser long before I knew I was diabetic.  I liked the way it made me feel.  Probably the  endorphins. 

Walking was my favorite form of exercise.  It was free and I didn’t need any special equipment.  I loved walking early in the morning just before the sun came up.  It was good therapy. 
I did my best thinking on some of those walks.  I made plans for the day, unraveled my budget, and even worked out the knots on my latest writing project.

Good times.

My feet began to complain about the walking.  I didn’t know what it was at first.   It interfered with my morning walk and bothered me throughout the day.   Plantar Fasciitis.  Oh the pain.

Once the Plantar Fasciitis was under control, I found myself less interested in walking.  No one knew the benefits better than I did, but I was walking less and less.  My energy was down, and my blood sugar was up. 

I needed help.

Someone recommended green drinks.  You buy them at the health food store.  It's a green powder that you mix with water.  It tastes a bit like freshly mown hay with a touch of algae.   Did I mention lumpy?  Hardly mouthwatering, but I could tell a difference.  My energy was coming back.
I still needed to exercise, but I just didn’t feel like walking anymore.  I heard that working with weights was especially good for diabetics.  So Friend-husband and I signed up at the gym around the corner. 

We are lifting weights.  We have a routine, and we are consistent.  We go five days a week; sometimes six.  Most days, we do it together.  If we can’t go together, we go on our own.  We don’t miss.
We use the machines.  I’m a little wimpy.  I use only 10 or 20 pound weights for my arms.  I can use 30 or 40 for my legs and abs.  Friend-husband works with bigger numbers.  The great thing is no one cares.  They don’t even notice me. 

Will I lose weight?  Probably not.  The payoff is that I’m getting stronger and gaining control of my health.  I love doing things that are good for my body, because I’m rather attached to it.  I’d like to keep this body for a long time.

It’s actually kind of fun and I like the way it makes me feel.  It’s probably the endorphins.
Weight a minute.  I think I already said that.

Linda Garner


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