Thursday, February 26, 2009

25 Things about Me

Okay, I was tagged this week to mention 25 things about myself. So I woke up for three days - very early in the mornings so I could think of some clever things to write, but nothing came from it. So I decided to just write 25 things I like. This will ultimately tell you a lot about me. So here it goes.

1. Sweet pork tacos from Costa Vida – so good, mouth watering, must eat.
2. Chocolate.
3. Reading too late at night.
4. Critiquing with my group – love ya guys.
5. Green.
6. Yellow.
7. White.
8. Black. (well, now all the other colors are jealous)
9. Having laundry done (makes me cry with happiness).
10. Someone remembering me (in a good way, not when they are remembering something bad).
11. Learning.
12. 7 more classes till bachelors done! Whoo hoo!
13. Worked in public relations in early college years.
14. Dressy boots….ah yes, dressy boots.
15. Husband (yes, I like him very, very, much – still makes me laugh).
16. Kids, all 5 of them.
17. Not making dinner (and still eating).
18. The smell of a rainstorm.
19. Anything to do with fall.
20. Finding out your stuff will be in a book.
21. Finding out your stuff will be in another book (publication is an entirely different matter).
22. Finishing your book.
23. Singing in the bathroom (alone or with somebody, it doesn’t matter).
24. Having cute husband still grabbing my butt (even during church).
25. Dreaming of things to come (as long as it’s not about a trip to the dentist. That guy scares the crap out of me!)

So there you have it. 25 things I like and a little more about me. Now if I could only love vegetables and exercise. Maybe next time. Have a great week everybody! :)


LexiconLuvr said...

I liked all of your 25 things--especially the nod to the bathroom singing. We'll never live that one down, huh? In that case, we'd better live it UP!!

Scarlet Knight said...

I know! We are going to have to practice for the upcoming conferences.

Maybe we can set out a hat and collect donations!

Or... maybe they will just pay us to stop singing!

Heidi Ashworth said...

So, Scarlet, I am so curious. How is your stuff in a book without being published? I am burning with curiosity . . . make the burning stop. Please!

Scarlet Knight said...

I'm a contributor of a collection of stories that a writing friend of mine put together. It is being release this summer. Whoo hoo!

I have also contributed to another book that is being reviewed right now

* biting fingernails *

It looks pretty good that it will be published.

So I am published, I just want to get my own book published. That would be AWESOME (please sing that last word in superman style).

Did I douse the fire? Please say yes.