Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For the Children; second verse

Music washes from the soul
the dust of everyday living.

Isn't that beautiful?
I don’t know who said it, but I love it.
If anyone knows where it came from, please let me know.

Here are the rest of the children’s poems. Enjoy!


amazing fingers
fill The air
with delightful music,
like the
cheery song
Of a handsome bird,
in flight.


Your music melted my heart
like butter on a sunny day.
Your music danced in my ears
like the laughter of children.
Your music teased my mind
like a cool brook splashing over rocks.
Your music makes me smile.


Your song
reminds me of
a butterfly,
in gentle flight,
bathed in sunlight,
enjoying the breeze,
tasting of flowers.
Like the butterfly,
you can go
wherever you choose.
Choose well.


Because you listen well,
to teacher,
you can do anything
she asks.
If fingers are obedient
to you,
their master,
they will be good servants.
Like you,
they can do anything.
Just ask.


Your bright music
brightens my day
like the rainbow
brightens the sky.
Your bright eyes
light up your face
like the stars
light up the night.


Your gentle song
comes peacefully
on the breeze.
It refreshes me
and rests my body
and my mind.
It feels good.


Your music
feels like poetry,
with rhyme
and meter,
pulse and lyrics;
a musical message.
You are the messenger.
Choose carefully
your sound
so you can
send your message
with clarity.


Your sunny song
made me smile.
Your sweet smile
made my day.
Your graceful fingers
make the piano sing.


Your gentle melody
reminds me of
ocean waves;
quiet, yet strong;
rhythmic, yet free;
I can almost
taste the salt
and see the gulls.


Your music
carried me
far away;
to the moon,
to the planets
and the stars.
I wanted to stay there
but earth’s gravity
brought me home
to feel the sun
on my face.

Have a musical day!
Linda Garner


LexiconLuvr said...

I always love your posts but I especially love your poetry! What lucky talent flows from your fingers.

Thank you so much for sharing it with us...specifically with me. You know how badly I wanted you to write some. ;)


Scarlet Knight said...

Linda, these are so Awesome!

You are so talented! Thanks so much for sharing =)