Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For the Children

I just returned from a wonderful adventure in music. I attended a 5 day Piano Basics workshop in not-so-sunny California. The company was warm and sweet, the instruction was incredible, and the children were delightful. I had the opportunity to observe many children being taught by incredible Japanese Teachers. We do not share the language of words, but we share the language of music and the language of the heart.

My love for children, my love for music, and my love for writing came together for a time as I found myself writing poems for the children. I will share some of them with you. I hope that you will enjoy them. I will post the rest tomorrow. Feel free to come back for more.


Almond eyes.
Cheeks of pink.
Silky hair; black and sleek.
Her smile lights up her face.
Tiny girl with large heart
and magic fingers.
Her music
makes me


Lovely Lauren.
Dark eyed beauty.
Her fingers fly.
Her body sways
Her music makes
my heart sing.
Her smile makes
my heart dance.
Lovely Lauren.


Handsome Quinn
With eyes so bright
listens carefully to teacher
and follows her lead.
Fingers hug keys
and make the piano sing.
She asks; he responds.


Fingers dancing.
Music swirling,
swishing, sailing;
filling the air
with joyous melody
and sweet harmony.
Beautiful sound.
Beautiful heart.
Beautiful girl.


Courageous, yet tender.
Caring, but strong.
Sharing your music.
Sharing your song.

Can you play with one hand
starting anywhere?
Can you touch, then take?
You can.
I know you can.
Change isn’t easy,
but worth it.
You are in charge.


Beethoven’s music
coming from your fingers
warms my heart
and makes me think
happy thoughts.
May you always have
A heart like his.


Jacob handsome, Jacob tall.
Your long arms and strong fingers
coax gentle music from
the silent keys.
You are powerful.
You are the master.
Obedient fingers
are your servants.


Your fingers dance
to Beethoven’s song,
and make me want
to run and play,
to laugh with you
and share your smile.
Share your music
and your smile
so that others
will laugh and smile
with you.


I am so glad
you have become
friends with Bach.
He is my friend, too.
As you share his music
with me,
I feel close to you,
and want to be
your friend.


Handsome Ethan.
Small brown boy.
Small brown hands.
Big eyes.
Big heart.
Fingers must move
so the sound
you make
will be as big
as your eyes,
and as big
as your heart.


Rachel with the sparkling eyes,
How your sound sparkles today.
Above the keyboard is a magic
place for your clever fingers.
In this magic place
moving fingers sparkle like mad.
You can choose this magic,


Your graceful fingers dance
a graceful melody,
which floats through the air
like a gentle thought
or a warm sweet memory.


Your music
warms my heart.
You can make
a difference
with your music.
Share a song
with someone
who needs it.
How about today?


Your dancing fingers
make my eyes smile.
Your smiling fingers
make my feet dance.
Your laughing fingers
make me sing.
Your happy music
cheers me.
Keep smiling with
your clever fingers.


Your strong hands
and confident fingers
are gifts to share.
Practice well
so that your gift
will always be
as bright as your smile.


You are a queen
inside and out.
Always remember
who you are.
Sit like a queen
and play with
a beautiful hand.
like royalty;
Because you are.


Your clever fingers
play with spirit
like the song,
with spirit.
Your music is
a gift to share.
Share your spirit
and your music,

More tomorrow.
Linda Garner


LexiconLuvr said...

It's amazing how each of those poems feels different, much like I imagine the children to be. Wonderful and captivating images of them at the piano bench filled my mind. How interesting would it be to match faces with those descriptions?
Beautiful! I'm so glad you chose to write. I was really looking forward to these, you know!

Linda Garner said...

Thanks Lexi. I'm glad you like them. I had so much fun writing them. Love, LG

Scarlet Knight said...

I think I would be so thrilled to know someone wrote a poem all about me. =) How thoughtful of you!

I'm glad you had a chance to go!