Thursday, January 13, 2011

Doing the Unbelievable


I decided to go back to school after my youngest was born. It was something inside of me that always felt…unfinished.

I had over twenty classes to complete what I had started so many years before. My mind told me I couldn’t do it—there was just too much to do—but my soul told me I could.

So I started digging through classes one by one. Studying while babies slept, while teens learned to drive, as children grew into towering stalks.

I took my time, making sure I learned what was being taught, gleaning research that I hoped would be used in the future or even the present.

Math never came easy to me. I used to dream it did when I was a child—when numbers were made of magic. I failed the course—I was defeated.

It was time to quit.

But the fighter in me told me I couldn’t, I had to keep in the battle, even though I was weary and ready for home.

So I fought.

Now I can see it, just beyond the horizon. Waving to me, urging me to keep in the fight, to keep moving forward. The flag—my flag. The one that calls to victory.

And I know it can be won.

(Two and a half more classes to go!!! *squeal*)

What is your fight? Revising, school work, finding awesome writing shoes? 


Jessica Bell said...

That's fantastic, Carolyn. Glad you stuck it out! My fight is reaching a deadline of revisions. It's really challenging being creative to a timeline!

aspiring_x said...

that's awesome carolyn!!!! man, i want to go back to school someday!

MT said...

I celebrated with a Jack in the Box six dollar burger when I passed my last math test Spring 2010. Just think how you'll be able to celebrate - so soon! :)

Lenny Lee* said...

wow miss carolyn you just gotta be so proud of your self! getting all those classes done and even that icky math one. hooray for you!!! for sure when you get all finished you just gotta do a blog party so everyone could be happy with you.
mostly i dont got a fight. im just doing all i can to be healthy and be happy. :)
...big hugs from lenny

Linda Garner said...

You Go, Girl! Love, LG