Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tell Your Teacher Friends

I had a great visit last month with a bunch of third graders. I took a stack of picture books with me and talked to them about writing picture books. I showed them my picture book, Some Secrets Hurt, and told them about getting it published. We talked about the elements of a good story.

I read Grudge Rock to them. That’s one of my orphan manuscripts. (Hasn’t been adopted yet.) They were awesome. After we talked about the story, I asked them to help me illustrate it. Here are some of their pictures.

Aren’t these pictures awesome! The first one shows Walker at the drinking fountain noticing that his pebble has grown. In the second one Walker pretends to barf behind Jake the Snake's back. The third picture shows Walker avoiding Jake on his way home. His backpack is killing him. Wonder why?

Besides writing, we also talked about grudges, hurt feelings, getting along, kindness. Good stuff.

I love school visits. Tell all your teacher friends. Who knows, when Grudge Rock gets adopted maybe these pictures will be worth something.

Linda Garner


LeishaMaw said...

I bet everyone of those kids went home and either illustrated their own book or wrote one. What a fun experience. :)

Carla said...

I would have loved to have a real live author visit my school when I was a kid. What a treat! And it sounds like you gave them a fun, educational exploration experience. How cool.

~Carla (carla-jansen.blogspot.com)

Steve Finnell said...

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tapname said...

I talked to the teacher last week. She said she loved your presentation. She also said you did a great job with the kids. I keep forgetting to let you know. So good job.