Monday, January 17, 2011

Recognizing Your Multi-tasking Gifts

The last few days of the past week were very busy for me. I just ran from one commitment to another. I loved doing everything I had planned, but I had no time to write. Finally, Friday afternoon I sat down for a few minutes to work on a script. I was trying to get an email, with attached pages, off to Clint Johnson for a workshop at LDS Storymakers. It wasn’t due for a few days, but I needed to send it before the section leader I wanted had a full group.
A few minutes after I started to compose my letter, my grandson called from college and said he was coming for the long weekend. I was VERY excited to have him. What fun! I worked a little longer on my letter and then stopped to see if I had all the ‘fixings’ to make tacos (his favorite) and snicker doodles for dessert (also his favorite). Shortly thereafter my mother called and needed a few things from the store. This was a good because I was out of refried beans. I also love taking her because it gives us a chance to visit.
Four hours later, after shopping, dinner and dessert, I’m back to my email. It took me a minute to find my place, but I did get it finished with my attached pages, so I’m set.
How many times during the week does this happen to you? I love my life and everything I have to do, but I don’t think I would get everything accomplished if I couldn’t multi-task. When driving in the car, I’m either listening to a book on CD or plotting my next scene. I can listen to one child play the piano and read a book to another one. I love walking on my treadmill at night while visiting with my husband or watching a TV show. Sometimes I include others in my multi-tasking. The other night I had to take dinner to a friend who broke her foot so my mom came over to help me cut the fruit for the salad and my husband mashed the potatoes while I cooked the chicken.
Take a minute and think of all the times during the day you multi-task. Give yourself a pat on the back and say a little thank you to the universe for that gift. Because of it, you have time to do your favorite thing - write!!!


Linda Garner said...

Oh, Christy. You are one busy lady. Life is full of interruptions. Here's to multi-tasking. LG

Christy Monson said...

You are also busy! You seem to manage everything so well! Christy