Monday, July 18, 2011


Hi everyone. I’m in the middle of website development, of which I know nothing about. But I’m learning. Sometimes I’m slow at it, but I’m baby-stepping along. Any advice from those of you who have set one up would really be appreciated. I’d also like to know what you like to see on different author sites. What are some of the things that impressed you? What turns you off? What is very clear? What is confusing? I guess I’m feeling insecure enough that I would really appreciate feedback.
This week I’ve been getting together pioneer games, crafts and cooking for kids. I learned some things setting it all up, and I think there will be a number of fun things for kids to do on my site. I think pictures are with a thousand words, so I am going to take lots of pictures when my grandkids are here. We’ll try out all the recipes and crafts so I’ll have some kid pictures to go with each experience.
I know I say I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’ve really had lots of fun learning how everything works. I have a great guy that’s setting everything up for me. He is so nice to work with and so willing to listen to suggestions and offer advice. That also keeps things lots of fun.
So ‘happy week’ to everyone! I’m off to establish my website titles and Google Adwords. Please write me back with and suggestions and advice you have. Thanks for listening.
Christy Monson

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Tamara Epps said...

One of the things I love seeing on author websites are photos/descriptions of their work place (desk, table, sofa etc) and how they write. I know that this info isn't actually useful to other writers but I find it always inspires and motivates me to write!