Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Word Pictures

I enjoy creating pictures with words. Finding just the right words to paint a picture is fun and satisfying.

As we traveled home from a vacation that began with a visit to a beloved daughter, adorable new baby, and proud new father, friend-husband and I created word pictures from the scenery. Here are some of our favorites.

Fluffy cloud boats sailed across a sea of blue.

A thick blanket of gray hung expectantly in the afternoon sky.

Angry clouds spilled buckets of moisture.

A gash of light ripped the sky in two.

The clean smell of summer rain tickled my nose.

Nature’s hammer had chiseled rugged mountains into the giant face of rock.

The emerald days of summer called to me, teasing me to come out and play.

A ribbon of highway snaked its way around the mountains.

The peaceful curtain of night fell silently.

An orange ball of fire plopped lazily behind the mountains.

A hint of blue sky peeked shyly between the clouds.

The twisted river frothed and foamed at each dip and turn.

Heavy Arkansas air pasted itself to my once dry skin and clothes.

Waves of green rolled across the countryside like a gentle roller coaster.

A patchwork of farms lay quilted in fields of corn, cotton, soybeans, and rice.

Proud forest ladies crowded themselves across the mountain in gowns of green.

Get out your canvas. Paint me a word picture.

Linda Garner

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Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss linda!
wow! those are all so neat. i love nature stuff and for sure you did a bunch of neat word paintings.
...hugs from lenny