Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Question Everything

I love questions. They are powerful tools. They invite reflection. They invite answers. They allow us to expand our vision. They help us to see more clearly.

A good question can improve communication. It can invite a friend to share his/her heart with you. It can invite a spouse to share his/her thoughts with you. A good question can expand a relationship and take it to a deeper level.

Questions can help us evaluate our thinking, our living, our understanding. They can help us focus on our dreams and see things we haven’t noticed before. They can enlarge us, encourage us, empower us.

A writer needs to question everything.

Is the plot working? Are the characters real? Is my title inviting? Is the dialogue believable? Are my words interesting? Is my beginning engaging? Is my ending satisfying? What is the takeaway? Are there unnecessary words or chapters? Does every scene contribute to the story? Is this my best work?

Questions can change your writing, and your life.

Question everything.

Linda Garner


Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss linda! cool post. for sure asking lots of questions is just real good for writers. you could ask that stuff not just when your done with your novel but while your writing it. it could help you change stuff that not working so good.
...smiles from lenny

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Well said. We need to question EVERYTHING. Which can get exhausting. But it's worth it. :)

Stephsco said...

I definitely don't have the problem of questioning. My issue is then DECIDING. :)

elvin said...

Your blog is great I love it, I wait for your presence on my blog