Monday, November 28, 2011

Walnuts and Thankfulness

We have a wonderful walnut tree in our back yard. It shades the upper yard, is fun for the kids to climb in, holds my wind chimes in the summer just perfectly, is a shelter for the birds and squirrels and gives us delicious walnuts in the fall! They are so good. (Well, I know some of you are saying that they give you cankers—and they do!) They are great in homemade candy and spice up my granola recipe. They are just all around good!
As you can tell, I LOVE this tree.
Each day as I gather the nuts and peel off the husks, I am filled with gratitude. God gives us so many blessings. Whoever thought up this creation had good ideas! The world is full of so many things that make our lives better—all given us by our Creator.
You are part of those wonderful creations, and I’m grateful that I know a little more about you from your comments. You are all so deserving, but the random ‘draw out of the hat’ revealed number 22 as the winner. Congratulations, Cynthia. I’ll be in touch.
For those of you who didn’t win, the book is available at
or on Amazon. Thanks again for being great bloggers.
            PS I just found out about I’m signing up! How about you?

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Linda Garner said...

Walnuts won't give you cankers if you do this first: Soak in water for eight to ten hours then dry in oven over night on warm. You can use a dehydrator if you have one. Delicious. Walnuts have a protective layer that isn't very digestible and gives you gas as well as cankers. I soak and dry all my nuts. Try it. It's so worth it. love, lg