Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Something About Rain

I love sunny weather. Who doesn’t? …but there is something about rain.

November Rain

Mysterious skies.
Somber clouds.
Water everywhere.
Small Rivers gather on my windows.

Pitter Patter.
Rhythmic tapping at my window.
The whisper of wind.
The hum of drizzling.

The aroma of November.
The smell of earth.
The smoky breath of burning fireplace wood.

Slow down with the earth.
Wrap up in a cloud of thought
With a cup of cocoa and a fresh idea.
Enjoy the warmth.

Linda Garner


Heidi Smith said...

beautiful poem, I love the rain too. Your line about breathing the aroma of November really brought back memories. I love the smell of rain, so much that I used to keep a cup of water and a rock near my bed when I was small. At night I would dip the rock in the water so I could smell "rain" before I drifted off to sleep. Thanks for the memory.

Lowana Johnson said...

Nice poem. Rain is wonderful as it washes away the sorrows and heartaches and tears we have as well as the smell of the modern world. Everything is so fresh and clean!