Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Need a Face for that Voice

As a picture book author, I am keenly interested in illustrators. The illustrator is vital to the success of a picture book. It wouldn't be a picture book without pictures. The story would be incomplete without them. A talented illustrator can make a great story better.

I love making connections with illustrators, because I need them. I have a lot of picture books looking for a publisher. They have a voice, but they need a face.

One of my favorite illustrators is Will Terry. He has illustrated a bunch of picture books and has a fun and unusual style. You might recognize some of his books, such as Armadilly Chili, Three Little Gators, Little Rooster’s Diamond Button.

I recently stumbled across Will’s website where he blogs and teaches art classes. Seriously, art classes. He has three packages of art lessons on video, namely Acrylic painting, Digital painting in Photoshop, and my personal favorite, How to Illustrate Children’s Books.

I purchased the series called How to Illustrate Children’s Books. Can I just say “Wow.” Lots of great information. I found the video extremely helpful even though I am an author, not an illustrator.

Each Video Series is available on his website, willterry.com for...is it okay if I say it?...$29.99. Eight lessons. That’s hard to beat. His blog also has some great material. Stop by and visit Will, and tell him I sent you.

Thanks Will Terry.

Linda Garner

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N. R. Williams said...

Hi Carolyn, hi Linda
Talk about timing. I am an artist but cartoons have never been my best. I tend to be too exact. I am writing childrens books right now and I want to illustrate them myself. I will check this web sit out.