Monday, January 9, 2012

Two Souls Are Better Than One

This delightful middle-grade novel is a great venture of dueling wizards and kids. Twists and turns in the story keep the reader guessing what’s coming next.
Bullies attack JJ at school, causing a fight and leaving him suspended. But JJ has plenty of things to keep him busy. He accidentally steps through a portal into another world, looking for his father and ends up with an old guy sharing his body, which can be very annoying at times!

JJ discovers he has ‘special’ powers. Is he a wizard? His life turns topsy turvy when he discovers some of his friends and neighbors are associated with worlds beyond his own. He even has a very ‘cool’ grandmother.

Join JJ and his twin sister Jessie as they race to rescue their dad from a power monger. Will they succeed against the evil that’s spilling from another world into theirs?

Fast action, humor, zany ideas and out-of-the box thinking keeps the reader on his or her toes for a fun adventure in good reading. Enjoy!!!

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