Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things to Remind Myself this Year

I was told once that everyone of us has a little OCD (over compulsive know, like that show Monk.)

I had a doctor point it out to me once as I sat in her office; fixing all the picture frames so they matched up. (Hey, they were crooked.) (lol. Okay, I wasn't really doing that. I was washing my hands over and over...It's a doctors office, they have germs. Ew.)

Anyway, I met last week with my writing buddies and we had discussed changing things up in our daily routines to get more writing done.

But there are things I keep forgetting.

So this is my list of things to remember when I'm sitting at my computer screen, thinking about the laundry that needs to be washed:

      1.  DON'T think of the laundry while you are writing (unless your characters are being strangled by dirty socks. Then by all means, think of laundry).

     2. The dishes can be washed anytime during the day. Or night. (You've got that button on the washer that lets  you run it at night...remember? Doing dishes while you sleep. Awesome.)

     3. Turn off the phone ringer. (Two or three hours away from the phone isn't a crime. Plus you have that awesome answering machine message that needs to be used.'s not awesome, but it's there. Now turn off that ringer.)

     4. Last but not least. Just sit down and do it. Those stories aren't going to write themselves. (There is no button on my computer for auto-pilot. But that might be cool for those writing block days.)

Okay. There is my list of OCD things I need to not worry about. (But probably will anyway.)

What OCD things do you deal with? Come on, everyone has some. Now stop straightening up those frames and let me know. ;) Have a great week everyone! Good luck with the writing.

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Dawn Ius said...

Two hours? Yikes. I can turn off the phone for half an hour, but then I start thinking about the "work" calls I might be missing. I do too much contract work :-( I'll aim for an hour and see if that helps! Good luck with your OCD :-)