Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Need a Hero

If you know me, you know that I love a good superhero (or maybe you didn’t know that).

But I’m not the kind of girl who likes your average man/woman in colorful tights, kind of superhero-girl. No. I like a superhero who adds a little twist and turn to their everyday lives. The quirky kind who make people think…or not think (say that part slow, in a menacing voice. Mwa ha ha!)

Take for instance, The Tick. Who needs “new superhero stuff” and uses “battle cries you always admit before leaping into battle.” The Tick is awesome. Funny, a little brainless, and yet, he still eats cereal like every other person.


Or Word Girl (She is so awesome. A superhero who knows her grammar? Beyond Priceless!)

I's a kids show, but the writing is hilarious! 

And last, but not least…the villain who is really the hero, but is the most evilest villain around. *head shaking* (You have to see it to know what I’m talking about.) The writing in this is amazing.
Say it was Horrible. 

The main ingredient in all three of these shows/blogs/episodes is that the writing is fantastic. The characters are fun and they keep the reader wanting more. 

So as I’m editing/revising, I remind myself to keep my characters interesting. Color them up, make them easy to relate to, or give them funny nicknames. Do something to keep your reader in love with your characters.

Any thoughts? What kinds of things do you do to keep your characters interesting? And who's your favorite superhero and why? 

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Mark Noce said...

Funny how super heroes can be relatable to everyday folks like us...unless we're all super heroes underneath:) Luv the Dr. Horrible reference:)