Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wow. It's Free.

I have good news. A Valentine Disaster is free today. Just click on the button the sidebar for easy ordering.

I joined Kindle Select and it gives me the opportunity to promote my book by giving away free downloads once in a while. Since I want to test the process, I'm giving away my book today.

If you don't own a kindle, don't worry. You can get a free kindle app to use on your phone or your computer. I just got mine and it was easy. Click here to download your kindle app today, and then click on the button to get your first e-book, all for free.

Free. It's my favorite price.

Linda Garner


Brandon Barr said...

That's a great idea Linda, have you noticed a pump in downloads on your Author Central??

Linda Garner said...

Hi Brandon,

Yes. We had over 200 downloads on Saturday. We'll see what today brings.