Monday, April 1, 2013

Story Premise

The story premise is one of the most important decisions we as writers make in the entire process of creating a story. Every other decision stems from the premise. If a story is to be grounded, the roots of the tree must be solid and deeply anchored.
A premise is the basic principle or argument of the story. It starts with an event that is the opening scene of the story. The main character is in the middle of the action, and is part of this main idea. From here, there is a story promise the author gives us, and then the rest of the story unfolds.
It is the underlying theme and the overarching arc of the story. Make it a good one.
It’s important to consider the premise from all viewpoints—how does each of the characters look at the basic argument of the novel? How will your reader react to it? How do you as the author see it? What do you think future generations will make of your writing?
Yes, future generations. Think big!!
Happy writing, Christy

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