Monday, April 15, 2013

The Synergy of a Critique Group

Love the Synergy of our critique group.
I know I’ve talked about this before, but I have been blessed to find such a wonderful critique group. There are eight of us—a fairly large group, and we have to hustle to get through everyone’s works.
We meet every Thursday night, come rain or come shine. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, we meet. Even met by candle light one night when the power was out.
The genres we write are all different—everything from wolves to high fantasy to sci fi to humor to self help. What a fun time we have joking about spicing up the manuscripts by adding a family council (self-help I’m writing) to the high fantasy a friend is writing—or adding a gouged-out eye to one of my self help stories.
We have lots of fun, but there are always great comments about the flow of paragraphs in a piece, the order of sentences, and many questions about character motivations.
Every week, I think I have my five pages just perfect, and every week there are comments bump my writing up a notch. I am very grateful. They help me become better than I could be on my own.
All-in-all I’m blessed to belong, and my writing is getting better because of those great people. Four of us have published works now, and the rest will follow.
So my recommendation: find a critique group and use their knowledge and expertise to become better than your best self!
Happy writing, Christy

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