Thursday, October 2, 2014

Build Your Child's Self Esteem

What's Your Self-Esteem Booster for your child?

Take a little time each day to watch the way you talk to your kids. 

*What do you say to them when they share a problem?
*How do you react when they tell you things?
*Look at the ways they are trying to solve their problems.
*Can you see the way they view the world? Take a peek at the world from their eyes.

Statements such as:
*That was a very thoughtful way to handle that.
*Looks like you really spent some time thinking about that.
*What a great job you've done!
*How do you feel about your hard work?
help a child look at their own process and feel encouraged about their actions.

Do take time to acknowledge your child's strengths. They are you for such a short time.

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