Thursday, October 16, 2014

Confidence is Catching!

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Don’t you love to be around someone who is confident?  A confident person puts others at ease.  A confident person doesn’t sweat the small stuff.  A confident person is comfortable to be around.

A confident woman doesn't put others down.  She doesn't need to.  She isn't focused on herself.  She isn't conceited or snobby.  She feels good about herself, and she is fun to be with.

A confident woman accepts herself as she is.  She isn’t perfect and she knows it, but she is comfortable with herself.   A confident woman is beautiful, no matter what her size or shape is.  She is not afraid to be herself, and she gives you permission to be yourself.

Give the gift of confidence.  Get comfortable with who you are.  Accept your faults, your flaws, your beauty, your strengths, your weaknesses.

If you have daughters, sisters, nieces, granddaughters, teach them to be confident.  Show them how to be confident.   They want to be like you.

Come to the American Fork Library this Saturday from 3:30 to 5:30 and celebrate confidence, self-worth, and healthy body image with us.  Bring your daughters, your sisters, your nieces.  Bring your granddaughters—your  friends. 
Door prizes, live music, refreshments, and meet the authors and illustrators of from Head to Tummy and Some Secrets Hurt. Get your books signed.

It's never too early to help your child build a healthy body image.  Don’t miss it.

Confidence is Catching.  Pass it on.

Linda Garner

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