Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Price of Freedom part 2

Remember The Message? That was the book I wrote about in late December or early January. Lance Richardson spent several weeks in a medically induced coma while his body was healing from a terrible injury. While in the coma he had a life-changing experience beyond the veil.

While on the other side he visited with soldiers who had given their lives in battle for the freedom of our nation. They taught him that liberty is a precious gift from God. They explained to him that few nations had ever experienced such freedom as we enjoy. Very few people have ever known true liberty. They asked Lance what he was doing to further the cause of liberty and asked him to return to mortality with a message.

The message which Lance was to bring to us was about Liberty. These soldiers are depending on us to carry on their work. They ask us to appreciate and defend our liberties, and not just on the battlefield. In words of soberness and pleading

1. They ask us to return to the values and morals which once made us strong.
2. They ask us to believe in truth that is eternal and unchanging.
3. They ask us to turn back to God, as a nation.
4. They ask us to safeguard the family.
5. They warn us that God will protect America so long as we serve Him. They warn that if we as a people do not turn back to God, family, and country, we will self-destruct and be destroyed.
6. They plead with us to replace selfishness with service.

These valiant men, who sacrificed so much for the cause of liberty, admonish us to take action. Love is the greatest power in the world. It is often in short supply these days. They explained that if the citizens of the Unites States would love and serve, it would do more to heal our nation than any other thing that could be done. Healing begins in the hearts of our citizens. To change a nation, we must change hearts.

As we serve our families, we will love them more, and we will become closer. Our hearts will be changed. As we serve our neighbors and communities, we will break down barriers which divide us. We will cause peace and love to enter our cities. Love and peace are contagious. We can create a day this world has never seen.

This is the message Lance brought to us from beyond the veil. We can self-destruct through selfishness or we can create change through love and service. The choice is ours.

I love America. Americans have a wonderful way of re-inventing themselves. I vote for this kind of change. Where do I sign up? See you there.

Linda Garner


Carolyn V. said...

I love America too and am so grateful for all the soldiers who keep us free. =)

L.T. Elliot said...

It makes sense to me that a solider would advocate Godliness and a return to that which is good. One of my dearest friends serves our country in order to allow me the freedom to do just that. He knows its value best--as he and his brothers-in-arms are the ones who are its last defense.

I'm really going to have to read that book.