Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maggie's T-Shirt

Great News! The first copies of Some Secrets Hurt are hot off the press. I hope to have one in my hands very soon. I have been told that they look great. Can’t wait to see them.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my t-shirt blog last week. I have pitched this idea to Shadow Mountain, but they have not responded. They are interested in seeing the feedback that is generated from my blog.

Sixty people viewed my blog last Tuesday. Fifteen responded. Four responded directly on the blogsite. Eleven responded to my personal email. Six people indicated that they would wear the t-shirt. Six people said they would buy the book, and didn’t say whether they would wear the t-shirt. Three people said they would not wear the t-shirt. One of those three intends to buy the book. The other two didn't say. Fourteen responders were female. One responder was male.

One person suggested a different idea for the t-shirt and said that Stand Up For Kids was too general. This person suggested a different caption and a different picture. Maggie is the main character in Some Secrets Hurt. In the book Maggie is being abused and she finds the courage to tell. The suggestion is to feature Maggie on the t-shirt and have the caption read Maggie Has a Secret and There is Only One Thing to Do. The back would read Maggie Must Tell. These are quotes from the book. As you might guess, this responder has seen the book.

No one sent their name to be included on the t-shirt. I must admit I am surprised. Since we would only use first names, I felt this would be totally non-threatening. I feel that we are offering abuse victims a chance to fight back in a safe environment.

I love the t-shirt idea. I think it would be great to have bookstore employees wear the shirt in August prior to the release of Some Secrets Hurt on September 16. The shirt could be given in drawings at presentations in schools and other settings. The shirt could also be sold in a variety of sizes, so that we all can send a message about ending abuse. One responder suggested that the t-shirt be a fitted one so that people who don’t find t-shirts flattering would enjoy wearing it.

Shadow Mountain isn’t sure about the t-shirt idea. Wait till they find out I have jewelry ideas too. I would love to see Maggie on necklaces, bracelets, and pins. We could all wear Maggie jewelry to remind us to stand up for kids and to have the courage to do what is right.

Maggie is my hero. She is an example to me of courage as she takes charge of her own body. She teaches adults to stand up for kids. She teaches kids to get help. She shows them that they can get better. Some Secrets Hurt is a story of healing. I know that Maggie will make a difference for kids of all ages.

The question is will we?

Linda Garner


L.T. Elliot said...

I love the idea of Maggie on jewelry. She and some butterflies or in her ballerina costume would be very pretty. (Plus, it's a happy note.)

Houdini said...

I'm just excited to read the book! Once I've read the book, I'll probably be more interested in the t-shirt idea.

But as a father of 3 myself, I am very excited to have a copy of this book in my home and to share it with my children.


Carolyn V. said...

I like the jewelry idea too. Plus the t-shirt, but my kids would want to wear the Jewelry, too.