Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Price of Freedom

I have red, white, and blue blood running through my veins. I am as American as apple pie. I love the flag and all it stands for. I am passionate about freedom. I am crazy about the land of the free and the brave, and I am so grateful to live here.

America has its share of problems, but they are all first class. There are some things I would like to change, but I certainly don’t want to change my address. I love to visit other places, but this is where I want to live.

July is a great month to celebrate freedom and to honor the brave men and women who have given the gift of liberty. Can we ever thank them enough?

What is the price of freedom? Many have given their lives. Children have given their fathers. Women have given their sweethearts. The road to freedom is littered with the casualties of war and the casualties of apathy. May we never be casual about our freedom or the cost of liberty. May we never forget those who paid the price.

Each of us can choose to make a difference. Each of us can serve in the glorious cause of freedom. We can make a difference by supporting good causes. We can make a difference by voting for good men and women who will be guardians of our homes and our communities. We can make a difference by remembering all that is good in our country and working to change things that need changing.

We can make a difference by being good citizens, good neighbors, good patriots. We can make a difference by serving others. We can stand up for what is right in our homes and in our communities. We can strengthen our country by doing what is right and helping others to make honorable choices.

The cost of freedom is high; but consider the cost of no freedom. What would you sacrifice, what would you pay, to lead the life you’re living? Though must of us will never shed blood for the cause of freedom, surely we can give a small token.

What shall we give?

Linda Garner


Melissa Marsh said...

What an awesome post. I think it's terribly important to remember each and every day just how wonderful this country is and to remember those who sacrificed to make it that way.

When I think of the Revolutionary War and how ill-equipped were were to take on the British, I am just amazed at the sheer guts of those who fought. They were truly fighting for an IDEA - freedom!

L.T. Elliot said...

There are some things I would like to change, but I certainly don’t want to change my address.

I love this line. I love my country too. I am honored and proud to be a part of this great nation. All my freedoms, I owe to those fine men and women who offered up all they were. I do not take it for granted.

For me, my country's freedom is just a mirror image of my spiritual freedom. I chose. I stood. I wanted it badly. It is small indeed to stand up and be counted when so many have sacrificed so much just so I can have the right to choose.

Beautiful post, Linda. As always.