Friday, September 3, 2010

It's a Party, a Party, Pary Weekend

Hi everybody! Karen G. is hosting a great party over on her blog. What a great idea! I'm bringing virtual cookies and blogging about keeping a positive attitude. This is so we can meet new awesome bloggy writers, so please check her site for more details.

Okay, the positive attitude thing is... hard. If you read my post this Monday, I kind of left you hanging. Things didn't go quite as I had planned. The national editor wasn't taking any new clients and the other was sick. So I was sent to a well known local publisher who said they wanted my ms, but they informed me they don't publish dystopian.

I was torn. Should I cry because the opportunity I had been working towards wasn't going to happen? Or should I cry because I was finally picked. I did the later. I was so thrilled just to know I had the talent to do it. All I had left to do was polish and query.

Sometimes things don't go the way we envisioned them. Sometimes plans are changed. Sometimes we don't think we can live up to the potential. It gets discouraging, but I believe there is always hope, if we just keep keepin' on.

But how do we keep our chins up as writers? I'm forming a list. So far this is what I have:

1. Eat lots of chocolate (or twizzlers if you aren't a fan of chocolate...although I'm pretty sure chocolate cures anything..except for finding lost shoes. Chocolate never helps with that).

2. Listen to songs that make you want to go out and get it! (Pork & Beans by Weezer, Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema.  *grinning* Oh there are just so many good ones I can't list them all!)

3. Spend time discussing (yelling, crying, gnashing of teeth, a little nose blowing) said discouragement with a trusted writing buddy. Writing friends know how it feels. They really do. Most of them have all been there.

 4. Stop whining and start writing. (That's my big one. I took drama as a teen. I can wallow with the best of them.) 

There are my top four. Do you guys have any other suggestions? I'd love to know what helps you get over the writer blues.


MT said...

Hey, I've stopped by from KarenG's. I enjoy connecting with other writers, so I look forward to your upcoming posts!

To get over writer's blues (I agree that critique partners help a bunch), I make sure I say nice things to me. So many times the internal thoughts are discouraging. It takes effort to turn it around.

Colette said...

Carolyn, I'm visiting from Karen's.
If chocolate alone doesn't work, then try chocolate and red wine!

Clarissa Draper said...

Great blog. I'm a follower now from Karen's blog BBQ.

Clarissa Draper from Listen To The Voices

Brenda Drake said...

Okay, so I'm going to stay positive and eat Twizzlers. There's only two left so my hubby's been getting into my stash. ;/

Nicole MacDonald said...

I actually found an awesome site you might like ;) it's on my blog under a post titled eternal optimism - or something similar *grin*
I watch really silly funny comedies to make me feel better

Heidi said...

Did I read this right? Aren't a huge congratulations in order here? Maybe I'm confused . . .somebody wanted your manuscript, right? Chocolate is always warranted (especially when one's shoes are lost) but, in this case, isn't it a celebratory munching rather than a sop to sorrow?

lotusgirl said...

Congrats on the interest. That means you'll find someone that will eventually take it on. Dystopian is huge right now. I'm surprised they don't do it, but I'm sure you'll be able to find someone who does.

Linda Garner said...

All right, Carolyn. I want the whole story. You're holding out on me. When are we going to lunch? LG