Thursday, September 30, 2010

Organization, Awards, and Devastating Epidemics

This week I am getting my blog lists organized. Why didn't anyone tell me about Google Reader earlier??? You did? Oh. Well, I love it!  I'm putting all the blogs I follow into little folders so I can find your posts easier. It's awesome.
(If you follow me at Paper and Parchment, please leave a comment so I can follow you! I don't want to leave anyone out!)

I have to thank Quinn for the excellent award! I love the bloggy awards, I need to be better at posting them.
If you haven't read Quinn's blog, check it out (here). Thank you Quinn!

I am passing this award on to a few of my new bloggy buddies:
 Leisha Maw
Lisa M. Potts
Nicole Ducleroir
Terry Lynn Johnson
Ann Best
Charmaine Clancy
Please check out their blogs. They are all going places!

My new bloggy friend Elena Solodow (click here for her excellent blog) has informed me of a terrible epidemic. It' could be raging within your home town right this minute! It's quit frightening-- Please take a look.

(You'll have to go to Elena's blog to view the video. It's awesome! Go do it....) =D
So tell me, what do you think we should do about this awful crisis?


aspiring_x said...

reckless hope!
that was so genius!!! :)

Linda Garner said...

We should get t-shirts that say Hug a Writer. That would be cool. LG

Carolyn V. said...

LOL! That would be awesome Linda!

Aspiring true!

Dawn said...

Great links. Thanks!

Lynda Young said...

grats on you award and grats to the winners.

Lol, I've given you another award on my blog.

N. R. Williams said...

I'll check it out.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Jude said...

What a cute blog you have here. Love the energy, the background, and your profile pic :)

Lisa Potts said...

Thanks so much for the award, Carolyn. And congrats on yours. You deserve it.

Jolene Perry said...

LOVE google reader. It's fun but SUCH a time sucker!