Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lost in the Frenzy of Summer, Looking for Time

Yes, I am back. I've been so busy with summer, I cut down to only posting on my personal blog, but I am back now. And interested in talking writing!

Let's talk time. Time has been my biggest deterrent when it comes to writing. I find things getting in my way: eating, sleeping and the occasional homework assignment (silly college).

How do I overcome the lack of writing time? Here are some suggestions from me and a few of my writer buddies:

1. Block out a chunk of time and use that time only for writing/revising (and the occasional snack eating).
2. Take the lappy with you when you are picking up children. You can get a ton of writing in when you are just sitting. 
3. Write after/before the kids are in/out of bed. The house is quiet and there are no worries.
4. Write on your break at work or for 30 minutes after work.

Each of these methods have worked for published writers I personally know. I mean really? Writing when picking up the kids? Genius!

I personally prefer number one. Blocking out time has allowed me to focus on the writing and get things done. Plus I feel a sense of accomplishment after doing so.

Any other suggestions? What's worked for you?


Jen said...

Hi Carolyn!!! *waves*

I've found that when I make time for me (blocking out time) it works wonders. I also don't beat myself up if I don't write what I had originally intended.

Some days the writing flows, those days I'm very thankful. Days that it's not as easy, well I pray to the writing Gods that they'll eventually come back and until then I write crappy beginnings.

Yes, that's what I did on Tuesday night... wrote down horrible beginnings. Guess sometimes it's better to write sucky then to not write at all.

Candyland said...

Threats to myself sometimes work. Or having things taken away. I need the pressure to get something done!

Heidi said...

I agree with the blocking out time tactic. We, as women, really respond well to that. Once we designate a time to do it, we are giving ourselves permission. Then, very quickly, it gains the same status as the other things on our to do lists--something we need to be doing rather than something we sort of feel unsure or guilty about.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Escaping to a different zip code for a weekend is the best way, even though hard to accomplish.

Stopped by from KarenG's bbq. :)

Ann Best said...

We do need to carve out time for writing. Blogging, tweeting, facebooking can eat it all up if we're not careful!

But I'm having a lot of fun today at KarenG's BBQ, meeting new bloggers. This is a great community.

Hop over and meet me and my disabled daughter also.