Thursday, September 23, 2010


First I should tell you I have not read this book. But there is a ton of controversy about it lately because a parent wants it banned. All I can tell you, is look into it yourself and find out how you feel about it.

All I can say is, "wow."

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CailinMarie said...

wow, that is her first public poem? I lvoe how she read it.
I haven't even heard of this book but now I am very interested.
and a little frightened too.
Classes read it?
What age class?

Linda Garner said...

So powerful, Carolyn. How did you find it? LG

Dawn said...

This poem alone makes me want to read this book. My stepdaughter just finished CRANK, which has some questionable content. But it's so well done. Kids are way more aware than I was when I was a teen. Sadly. Thanks for sharing this.

Michelle McLean said...

Wow indeed. You know, I've always felt if you don't want to read a book, don't read it. But no one has the right to tell someone else what they can or can't read. In this day and age, and especially in this country, I just don't understand how banning is even an issue. Very sad.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I can tell you, Carolyn, that this book is a lifeline for a lot of high school girls - such a valuable and powerful work of literature.

aspiring_x said...

this book keeps pushing its way up my tbr list.

very powerful poem.

free speech.
set it loose. let the words fly. no one should be silenced.
it is in silence- victims are made; and in the keeping of that silence- the predators maintain their power.
speak loudly, indeed.

Clarissa Draper said...

I've heard so much about the book now that's it's banned. I want to check it out.


The Dixon Family said...

I have read this book and I also read the article from the Missouri paper that trashed it, which I believe missed the whole point of the book. This book is about a girl that is raped at a party. Throughout the book, she is unable to "speak" about what happened to her and she has to see the boy who raped her almost daily. She is depressed. She's scared. In the end, she has to decide if she will speak to protect someone else. This book is hard and gritty in parts, but I don't think in a gratuitous way. It's powerful because there is so much truth in it.