Thursday, May 5, 2011

Will You Just Get Out of My Head?

Hey, whattcha doing?  *Looking at studying-self*

Shhhh...I'm trying to concentrate. *mumbling*

What? You're acting weird. You keep talking to yourself.

Yeah. I know (a little irritated). I'm getting my pitch ready.

Oh...that's right! You're pitching at your conference this weekend, aren't you?

(Studying-self, trying to ignore playful-self.)

So whattcha taking with you? Chocolate chips? Writing shoes? Spit wads?

I told you that whole spit wad thing was an accident. *sigh*

That's not what the papers said.

Well, it was. *looking back and forth, a little sweat building on forehead* It won't happen again.

Well, good luck on that pitch. It sounds fascinating.

*Going back to ignoring playful-self*

So the next two days I will be at it again...listening to other writers, munching on chips, rolling up spit wads. Yes, I'm off to my second conference this year!  Woohoo! Getting my pitch ready and polished so I don't trip over my words (which only happens like...all the time).

So tell me, what do you guys want to get out of a conference? Me? Making it through this pitch session without forgetting my pitch


S said...

I got a big chuckle out of this. Good luck with your pitch.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Have fun and good luck with your pitch!
I like going to get recharged with my writing and hear firsthand from agents and publishers what they're looking for. :)

the dandelion, herself said...



seriously, though - break a leg with the pitch!