Monday, May 2, 2011

What I wish I had known as a new writer

I went to the American Fork, Utah, Writer’s Workshop on Saturday. A dear friend, Margot Hovley gave a presentation on “What I wish I had known as a new writer.” She talked about practicing your craft–writing for ten years before you become really proficient. Having a thick skin is important so you can handle all the rejection letters you get. Belonging to great critique groups helps you hone your skills. Most of us have experienced these things.
The thing I didn’t know as a new writer was the great gift of friendship I would receive. I had no idea how much I would come to love all the people in my critique groups and what great support and love they would give back to me. This has been a great blessing in my life.
The goal of all writers is to be published. Even though I have a book contract, it is over-shadowed by the sheer joy of the journey along the way. One of the greatest gifts along the path is love.
So my answer to Margot’s question is: I wish I had known about the love I would find along the journey. I’m thankful for it and wish all of you the same blessing.
Happy Spring! Happy Writing! What you have found along your way that you didn’t know about as a new writer?
Christy Monson

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