Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pass It On

“If a man were to die, and then return, what message might those from the world beyond send back to us?” That is the question posed on the cover of The Message by Lance Richardson.

Six years ago, just after my father died, I came across The Message. It’s a compelling story and was a timely message for me in the shadow of my father's death. The story resonated with me and reinforced my own feelings and beliefs, but Lance's message was profound. The message of the book is not revealed until chapter sixteen. It took me by surprise.

Six years ago this book was hard to find. A friend first loaned me her copy. Later I ordered my own copy off the internet which I then loaned to others. The last person I loaned it to moved away with the book in her posession.

This year, just before Christmas, I noticed stacks of The Message at various bookstores. I decided it was time for a second read. I loved it all over again and decided to share it with my children as Christmas Gifts. Friend-husband and I went to two of the stores where earlier I had seen stacks of The Message and was told that they had just sold the last one. Six years ago The Message was a well kept secret. This year they are flying off the shelves. Better get your copy today.

We ordered nine copies of The Message and gave them to our children and two of our grandchildren. We invited them to read The Message and then pass it on to someone else. We suggested that they write their name and email address in the front with a little note about passing the book on. Everyone who reads the book could add their name and email address. Wouldn’t it be fun to track the books? Wouldn’t it be fun if some of the readers respond to the givers of the gift?

Lance had an amazing experience; one which you will never forget. He also had a miraculous recovery and the chance to share a daring message with the world. Lance Richardson died in 2004, but his message lives on. Put The Message on your Must Read list for 2009 and then share it with someone you love.

Linda Garner


LexiconLuvr said...

Man! I wish I would have known about this BEFORE Christmas because my mother loves books like these. I got her "The Last Lecture" (Fabulous, read it--read it now!) but this "message" book sounds just incredible.

Thanks for sharing!

L.T. Elliot

Linda Garner said...

Sorry I didn't tell you sooner. When is her birthday? Mother's Day could work. LG

LexiconLuvr said...

I'm totally teasing you, LG, although I am serious about getting that book for my mom.

Mother's Day is a fabulous idea!

Great post and thank you for continually helping us to be better people.



Scarlet Knight said...

I will go pick up the book. Hopefully I will be able to read it before the year is over.=)