Thursday, January 8, 2009



Yes, they warned me, they all warned me. But I had already sat down next to them thinking, “Can’t be rude. Must sit next to infected.”

Well, guess what!? Now I am the infected! This is just like that movie Outbreak! Yes, my friend, it is coming for you. Instead of nuking us, they should drop vitamin C throughout the land by the airplane full. But we would be…to…sleepy…to…take.

Why am I talking about my cold instead of writing? Because, every time I sit down to type, read or critique, those pesky ZZZZZs fill my brain, causing me to fall into sweet slumber. Sweet, sweet slumber.

So, I have a cold that is filling my sinuses and my senses. My creative thoughts are somewhat lacking. Whatever shall I do? There is no need to fear my friend; a cold only lasts seven days. Seven days! Then my creative mind should be at top notch again, and you will be ogling over my awesome post. But for now, I am wrapped up in my favorite sweater drinking steaming hot chocolate with a roll (okay, who am I kidding?), two rolls of toilet paper for my runny, runny nose. Makes me tired just thinking about it. I think I’ll take a nap, besides, I can’t taste the fudge anymore. It takes like a block of glue.


LexiconLuvr said...

I hope you get feeling better! We need you back here! (Ok, I need you back here!)

Scarlet Knight said...

Taking Vitamin C and lots of Orange Juice. Feeling better, but still tired. Must get tissue.

Melain said...

ICK. I feel you sister. I'm trying to avoid it this year. Airborne is my best friend. I WILL NOT GET SICK. I WILL NOT GET SICK.

I love that your word verification is 'nopersag.' That might be my new favorite word. What do you think it should mean?

Scarlet Knight said...

Nopersag, ay? Hum...At first I thought that nothing on my body should sag (Nope. er sag). But it's a little too late for that. Then I thought about food...What's for Nupper? Nopersag...duh! What else would we be having for nupper, vegetables?
But ultimately, I think it should be used as one of those variable words. If one is happy they could shout - Nopersag everybody! or sad - What's wrong? Oh, Nopersag. And even mad - WHY YOU NOPERSAG! But that would be a bit rude. Don't you think?