Thursday, January 22, 2009

They Shall Call me the Giver of Clean Clothing

That will be my new superhero name. I love superheroes, their mighty powers, their incredibly good-looking looks, and let’s not forget their unbelievably noble stances (fists on hips, legs slightly angled with the wind blowing their super capes behind them).

I decided I shall be called the Giver of Clean Clothing. I shall fly from place to place delivering folded bundles of freshly laundered clothing, smelling of lavender and sea breezes (how do they capture the sea’s breeze? Magic?)

But I regress…superheroes, who thinks of those beings? Word Girl (created by Dorothea Gillim. Airs on PBS Kids) cracks me up with her charming use of words. I love when she fights Toby and his giant robots with her beloved sidekick, Captain Huggyface.

Then there is The Tick, written by Ben Edlund. A family favorite, I must confess. With his mighty war-cry, “Spoooon,” he attacks his foe with his beloved moth sidekick, Arthur. With enemies as The Bomber-what-bombs-at-midnight, and Chairface, how can one get bored?

"I'm Karri the BABYSITTTER." *Twitching eye* Oh, such great quotes from The Incredibles by Pixar. I mean, who thinks of that?

So, I’ve learned how to get writing ideas from my writing classes. I’ve listened to authors tell their stories of dreams, riding on trains, eating bad food, all for a great idea that has taken them places.

Unique ideas are fair and few between (at least right now for me). I tried to write down what I dreamed about last night, but I had the flu and it was kind of gross, if you ask me.

So, as I fold my second load of laundry for the night and breathe in the scent of warm flowers, I shall dream of flying…flying and calling out my mighty war cry, “LINT!”


LexiconLuvr said...

Hope you get feeling better soon! It's awful to be sick. But if I could be half as funny as you are when I'm sick, I'd be a stand-up comedian and bring in bags of $$$.

Get feeling better. Whenever I hear a strange whooshing sound, I'll look to the skies and strain to hear your signature battle-cry.

Melain said...

The giver of clean clothing is a superhero indeed! An underrated one at that.

But NO capes!

Scarlet Knight said...

Lexicon, Thank you for paying attention to my cry of “LINT.” It makes me the super hero that I am.

Melain,I agree totally no capes! I saw that movie! Scares the gebbies out of me still!

LexiconLuvr said...


You've been tagged. Do not go to the police with this information. Just follow our instructions and everything will go smoothly.

You must name 7 things about you that we didn't know. Then you must tag 7 other people in return else the world fall into peril.

This message will self-destruct. Or not.

L.T. Elliot