Thursday, January 29, 2009


This is a first for me. Yes, I have never been tagged before (thanks L.T.). Well, not on a blogger before. So, seven things you don’t know about me. Okay, here it goes:

1. When I was little, I use to have a pet spider that lived in my closet. I named him George and talked to him everyday. Then suddenly, without a good-bye, he was gone. Nobody really knows what happened to him, I think he sold his stuff and joined a circus. Mom said he needed to be with his ancestors before him. I never quit knew what she …. OH….Oh no! Poor George

2. I once serenaded L.T. in my sister-in-law’s bathroom. Now before you jump to any conclusions… we were helping my wonderful sister-in-law clean her house. You should have heard the song, it was awesome…Oh I’m cleaning the toilet, yes I’m cleaning the toilet….Then there were some talk about helping third world gypsies get toilets, some type of fundraiser or something.

3. I have a terrible fear of throwing-up. It’s true. I will lay on the floor for hours staring up at the ceiling (not moving) for fear that one ounce of vomit may choose to slither its way up my throat. My mother-in-law, bless her heart, tells me I should just march around the house until all that stuff begins to blow. I politely say, “Um…No thanks,” and continue to count the water marks on the sky above me.

4. I can’t scream. When I try my voice gets all squeaky and everyone gets all giggly. So there isn’t much screaming that goes on in my house. But look out! If I sound like a doggie’s squeaky toy, you’ll know - I’m in a really bad mood!

5. Cold syrup makes me high. Even just a little and I’m feeling might fine. I once took cold syrup before church services (and it was testimony meeting). Let’s just say I’ve gone down in history as the only person who was crying and blabbering so much that no one could understand what I was saying. I don’t take cold medicine before church anymore.

6. I am not a funny person. I would like to be someday. One day I would love to spout something completely funny off to someone who’s made me mad. But until that day, I will just stare at the offender with my mouth hung open, or mumble something about my pet spider getting squished.

7. I love yams. I know, you can stop gagging now. You see, I have this great recipe, a couple cups of brown sugar and about 20-30 marshmallows. Mmmmmm. Love it! Oh, but be forewarned – Don’t …what ever you do…Don’t warm them up in the microwave! It just doesn’t work! (Remember my old post about marshmallows?)

Okay, so I hope you didn't know that about me, and if you do “SURPRISE” rerun!
Now I get the great opportunity to tag seven other people….and I don’t know if I actually know that many, but I’ll do my best:
First, I have to choose Linda! I’m dying to find out seven things we don’t know about you! Hee hee.
Brandilyn, if you can get to the lappy.
Tony T.
Cindy T. Cindy H, Debbie M., one more….one more….Okay, I’m reaching, but how about Stephen King. Never read your scary books, but maybe you can scare us all with seven things we don’t know about you! Sounds pretty spooky just thinking about it!

Have a great week guys! See ya next Thursday ;p


LexiconLuvr said...

You told! No one was to know about the serenading except for the charitable foundation for 3rd world gypsies!!! Hee hee...good times, good times.

Hey! I knew some of those 7 things! Not the spider but that's funny because the General had a pet duck! (that got eaten on the farm.)

You ARE funny! You're always funny! I don't know what cold medicine you're on right now but you totally got that one wrong because you're frickin' hilarious!!!

Love ya! =]

Linda Garner said...

I wonder if your spider was friends with Harold the worm, or Ginger the centipede. Maybe we should check out their yearbooks. I'll only play tag with you if I can think of 7 hysterical things to share with you. Love, LG

Scarlet Knight said...

Lexi, I think I knew that duck. Poor lad, but delish.

Linda, I bet my spider was friends with Harold. Maybe not Ginger, because you know spiders and centipedes, they just can't play well together.

Can't wait to hear your 7 things =)

Nichole Giles said...

Fun, quirky information. Those are the creative type thoughts that turn us into writers in the first place.

Thanks for making me smile today.


Scarlet Knight said...

Your welcome Nicole, thanks for checking out the blog =)

Glad to make you smile. As a matter of fact, I'm trying to create a great song to sing at the writer's conferences this year. Maybe something like, Oh I'm writing a book...I'm writing a book, Please take a look, I'm writing a book, oh I'm writing a book. (I know too much Repetition). At least I can get a job as a singer. lucky me =)