Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Now About That Floor

Ever have one of those days when you’re itching to write, but everything gets in the way? I’ve been dying to get to my computer, but there are dishes to do, and my floor needs mopped. I have phone calls to make and laundry to do, and the flowers need weeding… And on top of that my phone keeps ringing. Everyone needs me. I need to write.

It’s true. I need to write. Writing satisfies me. I love the magic of words, the sound of words, the flow of words. I love to shape and twist words and make them dance. I love to roll them around in my head and spit them out in new patterns. I love the music of words. I love to listen to the sound they make as they sing in the corners of my mind.

Rewrites. I love rewrites. I really do. I sent my publisher a picture book. They liked the idea, but not the story. They wanted a different perspective. I completely rewrote it. They loved the changes, but… They want less tension. They want less mystery. All the things I love about the story, they want me to change. Okay, not all.

At first I wanted to say, “Whose story is this anyway? By the time we’re done with this story will I even be able to recognize it? Do you get how much this will change the story?” But I thought it over and decided what a great problem to have. They like my story and they are willing to help me make it better. I decided to make it an adventure. Am I a good enough writer to make it work?

I think I am. I hope I am. I can’t wait to try.

Now about that floor.

Linda Garner


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

The days I plan to write, I don't, and the days I don't plan to write, I do. It always goes that way! Good luck with yours!

Jen said...

Good luck and go with your gut, you know what's best for the story and you have to decide if taking away the tension still makes it your story. Those times have to be tough but in the end you'll know what to do.

I'm itching to re-write and revise this evening. I haven't felt this itch like I had wanted in a few weeks so I'm welcoming it and counting down the hour and a half I have remaining until I can go home and pull out my binder and get busy!

Jen said...
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Meredith said...

I hate those pesky chores that have to be done right when I want to be writing! I've learned that I can live with a dirty apartment for a while, though, if inspiration really strikes. Good luck!

Dawn said...

I always approach a long weekend or unexpected evening at home with the ideal that I'll use that time to write. Almost always, *something* comes up. I don't even have kids to blame. What I really need is a bigger supply of bum glue.

Good luck!

Theresa Milstein said...

I hope you find the time to write and I hope the rewrites come out the way you want them to. I've been feeling like I don't have the blocks of time I need to write, edit, and query these days. Summer has actually made it worse instead of better. But it's my fault for letting excuses get in the way. I need a better routine.

Carolyn V. said...

Linda, you can do it! Although I know how you feel. Good luck with the book! =)

Nicole MacDonald said...

Once you realise you can re-write and do it well, it's like a weight is taken off your shoulders. At least it was to me. Makes me feel like I'm confirming "this isn't a fluke I can write and I'm a GOOD writer" :)